Extras & Fan art

Some extra bits of art I've done on the side.

Above is a pic I drew as an attempt at cover art.

My guest strip for a web comic called 'So funny I forgot to laugh.'  I thought the idea of Ron having a drink with Suds was too good not to do.

This is a strip I drew exclusively for my facebook group. It is the only time you'll ever see Len with stubble. Click on the image to go the facebook group.

This is something I did to celebrate the 50th strip.


I am now excepting fan art & guest strips! So if you wanna draw any of my characters, or my characters stood with your characters? feel free to go nuts.

If you have any you'd like to send me feel free, click here.

Check out this awesome fan art from LeeV. Check out her webcomic 'Ghost House' in the links section above.

And here's a pic of Eva from the fantastic Ulfmonet. Check out her profile here.